Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has hit out at K24 management for cancelling his much anticipates Sunday night interview on the Punchline show hosted by Anne Kiguta.

Nyoro was scheduled to appear on the show, but a few hours before it went live, the media outlet put out a tweet indicating that the legislator’s interview had been cancelled.

Reacting to the tweet, Nyoro claimed that the media house is allied to dynasties who “cannot stomach the truth”.

“Cancelled. Dynasties cannot stomach the truth, not in their media house. But why invite us (Hustlers) in the 1st place? Anyway, TV ni yao na nchi pia ni yao. They can now have a monologue on Dynasties and about Dynasties. We are African and Africa is our Business,” he tweeted.

Anne Kiguta’s Bold Apology

Meanwhile, Anne Kiguta opened prime time news on Sunday with a bold apology after the cancellation of Nyoro’s interview.

"We at Punchline invited the fiery first-time legislator Ndindi Nyoro on the programme," Ms Kiguta stated.

"The Kiharu legislator, as you well know, is a staunch defender of Deputy President William Ruto who has cast his aspersions on the BBI process. That interview has been cancelled," she added.

The K24 anchor told viewers that the decision to not host MP Nyoro was not hers and she disagreed with the position management had taken.

"As the host of this programme, I have a responsibility to you the viewer and so I must state that this was not my decision and I respectfully disagree with it…The management of the station was of a contrary opinion and had their considered views, concerns by which this programme is bound.

"I must also say that this is a decision that is within their rights because as they say, management reserves the right of admission and so my apologies to the viewers of this programme," she added