President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed a 9-member committee to oversee the recruitment of five Teachers Service Commission (TSC) commissioners.

The President appointed Thomas Koyier to chair the team.

Meanwhile, teachers are voting to appoint a new Chairperson to fill the position left by MP Wilson Sossion.

Sossion resigned as KNUT Secretary-General. Speaking during a presser, Sossion stated that he will now focus on his legislative duties as a Member of Parliament.

The embattled Sossion has resigned ahead of the union's elections set for Saturday, June 26, 2021.

Sossion is stepping aside after teachers from 21 out of the 25 branches in the region unanimously backed Collins Oyuu, currently Knut’s acting national chairman for the secretary-general post.

Nairobi Employment and Labour Relations court had also dismissed Sossion’s attempt to save his position as a teacher after the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) deregistered him.

Sossion had alluded to an existing plot to oust him from the union.

The KNUT sec-gen alleged that officials from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), KNUT, and the Kenya Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) are planning to rig him out of the forthcoming KNUT elections.

He claimed that the agencies are financing his rivals in KNUT in the upcoming elections which are likely to be held this month, June 2021, so as to kick him out of the union's leadership.

Sossion accused TSC of being opposed to his relentless fight for the rights and welfare of tutors in the country.

He alleged that KUPPET has paid senior officials at KNUT Ksh12 million to oust him, however, reiterating that he was elected by teachers, and only they can remove him.

"I was elected by teachers and I am here on merit. It is only the teachers who can remove me from here," Sossion told the media while on a campaign at Bana Resort.

He assured teachers that he would fight for a new Ksh32 billion Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA) if re-elected.