Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama has said that it is imperative for the people in authority to be humble.

In a series of tweets seen by Nairobi Leo, Muthama said humility will enable Kenyan leaders to objectively evaluate their behavior.

He went on to say that Kenyan leaders should know that their power is given to them by the people and it is the duty of those close to such leaders to always remind them of their deeds and ensure they are accountable to the people.

The former Senator’s remarks came after being asked what would be the best medicine for Kenyan leaders, because they all seem obsessed with power and privileges.

"Someone asked me, Mheshima what antidote can we give to our Kenyan leaders who seem intoxicated with power & privileges? My answer was simple: humility. It's important for those in authority to embrace humility. This will enable them to objectively evaluate their own behavior."

"They need to realize that their power is given to them and it is the obligation of those in their inner circles to hold a mirror for them to reflect on their actions and ensure that they are accountable," said Muthama.

Johnson Muthama is the current Chairman of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA). He joined the Deputy President William Ruto-led party after falling out with Wiper party leadership led by former Vice-president Kalonzo Musyoka.