Former Youth and Gender Principal Secretary Lillian Omollo was unjustly fired, a court has ruled.

On Thursday, the Employment and Labour Court Judge Stephen Radido ordered the government to pay Ms Omollo Ksh1.

“The petitioner was not subjected to due process, nor was she given reasons for the removal from office under the hand of the President," Justice Stephen Radido stated.

"She was ingeniously notified that her tenure had ended because a replacement had been appointed,” he continued.

Judge Explains

Justice Stephen Radido said that civil servants have a legitimate expectation that being public officers, due process as envisaged under Article 236 of the Constitution would be observed in the process of their removal from office.

He opined that because Ms Omollo, who is currently battling corruption charges, was found to have unexplained wealth, the amount awarded was adequate compensation for the violation of her rights.

Ms Omollo has now filed an appeal against a decision of the High Court.

She had petitioned the government through the Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Public Service and Gender arguing that she was still considered innocent and was entitled to half-pay.