Police officers on Tuesday morning shot dead a member of a motorbike gang at Seasons in Kasarani Nairobi after they robbed a lady and attempted to make their escape.

The gang attacked and robbed a lady at Seasons Stage robbing her of her valuables in the early morning incident.

Police officers in the vicinity mounted a chase with the Kenya Police Landcruiser easily outpowering the motorbike the thieves were riding as they attempted to escape.

A Kenya Police Vehicle/ Photo Courtesy

With the rider tense due to the sight of the police chasing them, the motorbike began wobbling on the road causing the armed passenger to fall off.

A shootout then ensued after the armed gangster fired at the police who fired back in retaliation.

The gangster was fatally injured and his body taken to Nairobi's City Mortuary.

The DCI revealed that the gang is suspected to be behind a robbery of a similar nature that occurred in Githuai on Monday night.

The miscreants had just snatched a lady's handbag in the densely populated area before shooting into a crowd that had gathered in response to the lady's screams.

Nairobi has seen a significant rise in crime levels in the past year with robbers preferring to use motorbikes due to their manouvrebility.

Videos have surfaced on social media of thieves on motorbikes snatching phones from unsuspecting pedestrians.

On Monday, the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai revealed that security had been heightened in the city in response to the rising insecurity levels.

A special anti-mugging squad has also been formed to counter the rising cases of mugging in Nairobi.