KTN News anchor Sophia Wanuna has been promoted to become the new Acting Editor of Standard Media after the company let go of Broadcast Content Editor and Head of Strategy Peter Opondo.

This was announced in an internal memo sent to the editorial staff at Standard Media that backdated her appointment to July 15th.

"Editorial staff are hereby asked to collaborate with Ms Wanuna for purposes of keeping our broadcast operations and our promise to deliver quality, in-depth and timely content to the consumer on course," the memo reads.

KTN News Achor Sophia Wanuna/ Photo Courtesy

Sophia Wanuna has over 10 years of experience as a news anchor having started out at the Mediamax owned K24 in 2011.

She replaces Peter Opondo who took to social media to express his dissatisfaction with the manner of his dismissal from Standard Media.

Opondo lamented that it was the first time in his 20 year career that he had been dismissed for 'unsatisfactory performance'.

"There was no formal appraisal or feedback, there was no documentation or minutes about my alleged performance shortcomings," Opondo wrote as he posted a photo of his dismissal letter

He went on to claim that he was given the option of resigning or getting dismissed from his position. He chose the latter

The renowned media guru had been at Standard Media for only 5 months having joined the company from Mediamax.