United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Chairman Johnson Muthama has responded to Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe, after claiming that the Kiambaa by-election was rigged.

In his claims, Murathe said that they have evidence of the rigging, and demanded a recount.

Muthama in a statement on Tuesday said the claims are ridiculous and that Murathe's allegations are based on grounds that the 'deep state' had stuffed ballot boxes with fake ballot papers.

He went on to state that if the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) agrees to the recount it will have facilitated an election malpractice. 

Muthama added that Jubilee should agree to the will of the people of Kiambaa.

[UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama]

"Claims by JP Vice Chair, David Murathe that there was vote manipulation in Kiambaa byelection for @IEBCKenya Kenya to conduct a recount is laughable and absurd. Murathe's confidence in recounting is based on the knowledge that deepstate stuffed boxes with extra fake ballots before @IEBCKenya took them for storage. If IEBC bends to this unorthodox demand, It'll be complicit in perpetuating election malpractice. In any case, Machakos senatorial byelection votes recount should be considered first. Otherwise, JP should respect the will of Kiambaa people," said Muthama.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Murathe stated that the ruling party was not satisfied with the outcome of the election that saw UDA candidate John Wanjiku declared winner.

According to him, IEBC refused to allow a recount, yet they had reasonable grounds to request for one.

Murathe noted that they have concrete evidence of the manipulation that was done on the numbers, adding that the numbers sent from polling centers were different from the ones read at the tallying center.