Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Wednesday to social media to respond to critics over his agenda for the Kenyan manufacturing industry as he delivered an action plan focused on Kwale County.

"I was challenged to explain my position that we can have MADE IN KENYA products if we focused on transforming rural areas and developing SKILLS," Raila Odinga wrote on 

Raila Odinga showed an in-depth understanding of Kwale County as he explained his action plan for the county in a 10 paragraph statement.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga/ Facebook

He lauded the Digo and Duruma communities who, through simple innovations, have been able to produce coconut oil and coconut milk albeit just enough for local consumption.

The well-researched statement also featured statistics that showed the enormous unexplored potential for coconut in Kwale as Raila revealed that Kena imports coconut from Thailand while Kwale exports her unprocessed coconuts to Tanzania at throwaway prices.

"The people of Kwale and the entire Coast lost an opportunity to make industries out of coconut because we failed to support local skills and rural industries," Raila Odinga wrote.

The statement went on to list the various products that could be made from coconut including ropes and brooms highlighting the potential for the manufacturing industry in the county.

Raila Odinga went on to lament the high poverty levels in Kwale proposing an investment in the people's skills as a method of eradicating poverty.

"Every part of this country has a product that with just a little investment in local skills and rural infrastructure, could be turned into an industry employing locals and producing ' Made in Kenya products," the statement said in conclusion.

Wednesday's statement is a sequel to one made on Sunday where the ODM leader wrote about the need for Kenya to invest in developing skills so that we can start manufacturing our own products.

Raila Odinga has used social media more often to comment on issues of national importance.

His statements on the importance of the manufacturing industry have been interpreted by many as a mini-manifesto and the surest sign that Raila Odinga will be on the ballot in 2022.