Renowned CNN journalist Larry Madowo has opened up on his family’s battle with Covid-19, noting that they have already lost three members to the deadly virus.

While analyzing the Covid-19 vaccination exercise in Kenya, Larry used the example of his family, stating that his 96-year old grandma was vaccinated recently, but unfortunately, she had already contracted Covid-19.

Madowo further notes that his grandma has been on a ventilator for the past four weeks, adding that he is always anxious when receiving calls from home.

“Every time I see a call from home, my heart sinks. I always fear that they're ringing to say that my grandmother has died. She has been on a ventilator for four weeks and my anxiety is near breaking point. The dreaded call could come at any time: Covid-19. Again,” he said.

File image of CNN's Larry Madowo. [Photo: Courtesy]

“..By the time my grandmother got vaccinated by local officials it was already too late as she had been infected by Covid-19. She outlived her husband, my paternal grandfather, by more than 25 years, yet we're now coming to terms that she might not survive this disease… Many people like my grandmother have died, or will die, because of the accident of where they live. Her heart is now failing, and mine is breaking,” he added.

According to Larry, the family recently lost an uncle and due to the Covid-19 measures set by the government, the funeral was rushed, denying them an opportunity to mourn properly.

He holds the view that probably his uncle and many other Kenyans who’ve succumbed to the virus would have still been alive if the government had acquired adequate vaccines to cater for the entire population.

“I had just finished filming at a crammed ICU treating critical Covid-19 patients in Uganda's capital of Kampala last month when I learned that my uncle Justus had himself died of the virus across the border in Kenya. I was heartbroken, and angry. He was not vaccinated because Kenya didn't -- and still does not -- have enough shots even for a senior like him.

“Justus was buried within 48 hours as the Kenyan government requires. He was the third family member who had died in the pandemic that I didn't get a chance to mourn properly or see laid to rest,” he said.