Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has opened up on what the party will do, if the Court of Appeal stops the Building Bridges Initiative.

Speaking on Wednesday, Sifuna said the entire process is just a conversation and if the court stops it, they will move on.

He went on to say that the BBI is not a matter of life and death for the Raila Odinga led party.

"If the courts stop it (BBI) we will move on as a fast and you wouldn’t believe it. BBI is a conversation not a matter of life and death for ODM," said Sifuna.

He added that despite this, Odinga’s current main focus is the BBI.

The ODM Secretary-General, however, dispelled reports that their party supports the postponement of next year’s general elections, stating that what the Orange party wants is a change in the leadership of Kenya.

Sifuna’s remarks come a few days after Odinga assured Tana River residents that the BBI is still on course.

He insisted that the document is not meant to divide Kenyans as its opponents claim, but to unite and better the lives of Kenyans.

"The people here are still supporting the BBI. I want to state that BBI is not to divide the country, but to unite us," said the former PM.

Odinga has been meeting leaders from various regions at the Coast since Sunday.