Kenyan and seasoned journalist Larry Madowo has been promoted by Cable News Network (CNN) barely four months after he joined the media house. 

Madowo was promoted from CNN's Nairobi-based correspondent to the network's international correspondent.  Madowo made the update via his Facebook page. 

The Kenyan journalist left the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in May 2021 when he took CCN's offer as a Nairobi correspondent. 

An update by Larry on Facebook. 

Before taking the role, Madowo was assigned to North America as a correspondent for BBC based in Washington DC where he covered the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 US elections, the death of George Floyd, and the trial of Derek Chauvn.

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"From enterprise reporting in Ethiopia's Tigrey region, to investigations into oils drilling in Namibia's Kavango basin, via a range of cultural and business stories across dedicated programming, Africa has never been more visible on CNN's multiple platforms.

"Larry is an experienced journalist whose expertise across politics, business, entertainment and hard news will play into our diverse coverage of East Africa and beyond, Deborah Rayner, who is CNN Senior Vice President of Newsgathering and Managing Editor, Europe Middle East and Africa, made the announcement.