Jubilee secretary generalĀ  Raphael Tuju has come out to claim that Kiambaa was not important to President Uhuru which is why he did not campaign for the party's candidate.

Speaking to KTN News journalist Ken Mijungu, Tuju stated that President Uhuru Kenyatta had more important duties to perform as compared to hitting the campaign trail.

"I want to say that I'm extremely proud of the President, he resisted the temptation to go into Kiambaa as the Deputy President was crisscrossing the place," Tuju said during the Wednesday night interview.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kiambaa politicians at State House/ Jubilee Party

Tuju noted that as a symbol of national unity, it would have been counterproductive for the president to engage himself in divisive politics.

Tuju went ahead to say that he preferred that President Uhuru Kenyatta focuses on more important issues such as joblessness and the COVID19 situation in the country.

"I'd rather have him focus on the Ajira Initiative that has created close to a million jobs than him going to campaign in Kiambaa and he is not on the ballot next year," Tuju went on to say.

The Jubilee secretary-general went ahead to describe DP Ruto as being on a completely different plane to that of President Uhuru Kenyatta

" He has no more responsibility, he's got the license of a harlot. He can do anything he wants," Tuju said of Deputy President William Ruto.