Deputy President William Ruto has opposed a ruling by the African Court on Human Rights in Arusha issued yesterday, July 23, 2021.

The court in a ruling allowed leaders of African Countries to postpone upcoming general elections over Covid-19.

Speaking to Saturday Nation on July 24, the DP's press secretary Emmanuel Talam stated that prevention and the fight against Covid-19 would not be achieved through pushing back elections, rather, coming up with effective vaccine rollout programmes.

"Postponing elections is not a remedy for the Covid-19 pandemic. The solution lies in rolling out a comprehensive vaccination programme that will ensure more Kenyans are safe and ready to engage in their everyday hustles.

Postponing elections is just an excuse by ineffective administrations to hang on to power," Talam was quoted as saying.

According to the court ruling, treaties signed by the African Union, permits African countries to postpone elections in the event of disasters that threaten the well being of citizens. In this instance, the Covid-19 pandemic has claimed numerous lives across the continent.

The African Court on Human Rights, however, noted that postponing elections will also be governed by the laws of the country seeking to push back polls.

The court further stated that, if the laws of the country do not allow for postponement of elections, lawmakers within the particular state must come up with proper laws and regulations to define the process.

The decision by the court was reached on upon consultation with the Pan-African Lawyers Union (Palu). The union draws its members from law societies across all AU nations.

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi stated that they were not part of the process.