Nakuru Governor, Lee Kinyanjui has called for the resignation of Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe and Secretary General Raphael Tuju.

The governor insisted that their days in Jubilee leadership are gone and if they had the interest of the party at heart, they should have resigned themselves.

“Tuju and Murathe days are gone and this is not personal, it is what it is. If they love the party, they should have resigned long ago,” said Lee.

According to People Daily, the Jubilee governor said that many people have lost confidence in the party’s leadership and it’s time for new leadership within the ruling party.

Lee said that the recent by-election loses in the party’s strongholds is something to be worried about as the 2022 general elections approach.

[Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui (Photo: Courtesy)]

“We have lost confidence in the leadership and something is being done behind the scenes… I am one of the leaders pushing for new blood,” said the Governor.

Lee’s remarks come a few days after Jubilee narrowly lost the Kiambaa parliamentary by-election to Deputy President William Ruto led United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

A few weeks ago, Jubilee also lost the Bonchari parliamentary by-election to ODM despite putting up a spirited fight.

The party had also lost the London ward seat in Nakuru.