Former Machakos Senator, Johnson Muthama has insisted that Deputy President William Ruto is not the problem Kenya has, but the solution it needs.

Speaking on Sunday, Muthama said while other presidential aspirants are busy coming up with slogans for the 2022 elections, the second in command has a practical economic model (bottom-up) that will the people of Kenya.

He cautioned that anyone going for the country’s top seat with the aim of stopping the DP will lose in the next general elections.

“Whoever is running for presidency with the sole aim of stopping @WilliamsRuto as a first priority instead of majoring on how to emancipate the downtrodden Kenyans from the yoke of economic deprivation will be [email protected] is not the current problem we have in Kenya"

"On the contrary, he's the solution to our problems. Whereas others are busy coining slogans and catchphrases to clinch the Presidency, @WilliamsRuto has developed a practical and workable bottom-up economic model which seeks to redeem Kenyans from politics of the elite,” said Muthama.

In another tweet, the former senator explained that he joined the William Ruto camp because he is a man willing to positively negotiate with the Kamba community, unlike the other leaders.

He added that the Kamba community will know why he supported the DP once he wins the 2022 presidential election.

“The reason why I'm in DP Ruto's camp is because he's ready to positively negotiate with the Kamba community unlike those driven by self-interests. I'm sure in due course my Community will realize why I am strongly rooted in DP's camp once we form the next Government in 2022,” said Muthama.