Kandara Member of Parliament Alice Wahome has come under sharp criticism after she struggled explaining the meaning of bottom-up economics during a recent live interview on Citizen TV.

Wahome; a close ally of DP William Ruto has been one of the key proponents of the Bottom-up economics, and therefore many expected her to easily explain the concept she has been advocating for.

However, when she was tasked to give a simple explanation of bottom-up model, she appeared confused and gave an incomprehensive explanation.

Here is the video courtesy of Citizen TV

Her struggle explaining the model elicited massive reactions online, making Alice Wahome one of the top trending subjects on Twitter Kenya.

Among the netizens who reacted to Wahome’s video is ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna who claimed that Wahome is not isolated, as many leading allied to Hustler Nation cannot explain the bottom-up economic model.

“Hon. Kimani Ichungwa is one of the few people in tangatanga you can call smart. Him, Aaron Cheruyiot, Murkomen certainly, Ndii, hell even Gachagua. All these top brains in tangatanga have been unable to explain this bottom up thing. Maybe their bottom brains shd give it a try,” he tweeted.

Embakas East MP Babu Owino also weighed in on the debate, terming Wahome an “academic dwarf”.

This is the academic dwarf, academic orphan, academic lily wart in the intellectual parlance that Ruto thinks is more intelligent than me. Yenyewe a leader is known by those around him. If he walks with fools then he is a fool,” he tweeted.

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi also joined the conversation and created a competition for a remix of the Alice Wahome video, offering to pay Sh20,000 for best remixed video.

Competition: This video deserves some music. Comic relief this Cold July. Can someone put some music to it. Friends of Uhuru Kenyatta (FoUK) will pay 20K for the best composition. Make sure you add 'Matako Juu' somewhere!

Below are more reactions from the Alice Wahome Citizen TV interview clip: