Flamboyant lawyer, Donald Kipkorir has said that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has only one rival, in the 2022 presidential race.

In a series of tweets, the lawyer said that even the most stupid of people knows that the presidential race will between two people.

Kipkorir stated that it is laughable for mainstream media houses to claim that the ODM leader has been isolated by people who don’t even have the support of their home County Governors.

When mainstream media write that Baba is isolated, I want to fall off my chair with laughter. How can one whose Governor is ODM be a threat to Baba? How can the others who don’t have support of their own Governors be a threat? Baba has only one rival. The rest are donkeys.

Even a village imbecile knows that 2022 is a Two-Horse Race … Is the mainstream confusing Presidential Elections with Lamu maulidi donkey race?” tweeted Kipkorir.

His remarks came shortly after ANC, Wiper and Ford Kenya officially announced the dissolution of the National Super Alliance (NASA).

The parties wrote to the Registrar of Political Parties on Tuesday informing her of their intention to exit Nasa.

This effectively dissolved the coalition ending the three parties' relationship with ODM that dates back to before the 2017 elections.

Donald Kipkorir is a staunch supporter of former Prime Minister and has for a longtime defended Odinga in public debates, insisting that he is the man best suited to take over the leadership of Kenya.