The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna on Tuesday lectured journalists on how to ask politicians questions.

Taking to twitter, Sifuna said the members of the fourth estate should normalize asking people how they will execute what they promise to do for the people.

He went on to say that Kenya has enough people who can say what problems the country is facing and they should start asking how the problems will be solved once they get into power.

Kenyan Journalists must normalize asking HOW people will go about what they promise to do. We have enough people who can elaborate the PROBLEM. Tell us HOW you propose to solve those problems. How is telling us there is a problem with the economy, or taxation even news?” said Mr Sifuna.

His sentiments come amid calls by rival groups to have the Hustler movement explain their bottom-up approach to the people.

The groups claim that the bottom-up proponents have no solid plan and are only sloganeering. They also claim that the Deputy President led team cannot explain the economic model they have fronted as best suited to help Kenyans.

A few days ago, Kandara MP Alice Wahome came under sharp criticism after she struggled explaining the meaning of bottom-up economics during a live interview on Citizen TV.

Wahome; a close ally of DP William Ruto has been one of the key proponents of the Bottom-up economics, and therefore many expected her to easily explain the concept she was advocating for.