Deputy President William Ruto has dismissed claims that Turkish Businessman Harun Aydin, who was part of his delegation for the blocked Ugandan trip, is a man of questionable repute.

Speaking during an interview on Wednesday morning, Ruto noted that Aydin is a respected investor who is in the country legally, adding that the Turkish Embassy has confirmed the same.

DP Ruto further noted that Aydin has invested a lot of money in Kenya, adding that branding him a terrorist is bad for business, as he is a key investor in the country.

“Kulikuwa na wanabiashara watatu, watu amabao wako na biashara zao, watu wa heshima. Huyo mfanyibiashara wa Uturuki, embassy ya Uturuki yenyewe imetoa taarifa kusema ni mfanyibiashara anayetambulika na ana work permit…Ni mwekezaji ambaye ameweka pesa nyingi katika biashara ya taifa letu la Kenya

“…Wale wanajaribu kuweka fitina eti kwamba huyu mtu ni terrorist, unaona vile tunaharibu sifa ya Kenya? Unawezaje kuchukua mtu amewekeza katika taifa la Kenya unaenda kumbandika ati ni mgaidi? That’s how we destroy our country. Na siasa hizi ndogo ndogo za pesa nane eti kwa sababu unajaribu kushinda na naibu wa rais,” Ruto said.

Mr Aydin on Tuesday became a subject of discussion in Kenya after it emerged that he was part of Deputy President William Ruto’s entourage for a Ugandan trip.

The trip was meant to take place on Monday afternoon, but the DP was blocked from leaving the country, with immigration officials citing lack of clearance.

Following the botched trip, reports emerged indicating that the State may have blocked the DP’s travel because of Aydin’s past investigation on claims of being associated with a terror group.

Aydin was arrested at a German airport in 2001 over terror links after his luggage contained suspicious items.

In his travel bag, he was reportedly found to be in possession of a face mask, camouflage clothing, a chemical weapons protection suit and materials to produce an explosive detonator.

Meanwhile, an official from the Turkish embassy has also defended Aydin noting that he is a law abiding citizen with no criminal record.