Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu received criticism on Wednesday after sharing a quote allegedly made by Deputy President William Ruto which has since been determined to be fake.

The quote shared by Governor Ngilu is of DP Ruto allegedly complaining after he was barred from travelling to Uganda on Monday.

An old photo of the Deputy President was used in designing the image template with the NTV logo placed at the top right corner to give the image credibility.

File Image of Deputy President William Ruto/ Photo Courtesy

Governor Ngilu termed the quote by DP Ruto, which was established to be fake as 'unfortunate and callous'.

She went ahead to blast DP Ruto as not being a good example to the ones who look up to him.

The post shared by Governor Ngilu showing the fake quote

One of the first reactions to the fake quote was from journalist Oliver Mathenge.

"Even Governors are falling for fake news!" He exclaimed on Twitter.

On Facebook, the reactions towards Governor Charity Ngilu were more scathing.

One user asked the governor to stop embarrassing herself on social media by posting fake news.

Others questioned Governor Ngilu's source as the Deputy President had official platforms which he uses to comment publicly.

Governor Ngilu was asked to share her sources and back them up with a video.

Social media users referred to Deputy President Rut's interview earlier on Wednesday claiming correctly that they did not hear him utter the words in the fake quote shared by Governor Ngilu.

One asked Governor Ngilu if the statement had been verified.

One user even alleged that Governor Ngilu had deliberately shared the quote despite knowing it was fake.