More details have emerged on the gruesome case where Jonathan Mukundi Gachunga shot his wife and then committed suicide in Kirigiti, Kiambu.

Police reports from the crime scene indicate that Jonathan shot his wife, Philomena Njeri, three times in the head before turning the gun on himself.

Jonathan Mukundi was a wealthy man as his mansion in Kirigiti showed.

Philomena Njeri and Jonathan Mukundi/Facebook

He had built his business empire as a trader in vehicle spare parts with a friend revealing that the deceased dealt in written-off vehicles which he then converted to spare parts for sale.

He married the then 19-year-old Philomena Njeri fresh off college and in 2014 moved to Kirigiti where he had constructed their palatial home on the banks of a stream.

The couple enjoyed a jet-set lifestyle frequenting holiday spots at the Kenyan coast.

Trouble set in as the years rolled by and the couple failed to conceive.

The marriage hit the rocks in May 2021 when Philomena Njeri moved out of their home leading to a brief separation between the couple.

The couple's home in Kirigiti/Standard

On Monday, Jonathan and Philomena met over lunch as they attempted to mend fences.

On his way home, Jonathan who was slightly tipsy had a minor accident and called his estranged wife to take him home.

Earlier, he had called a friend incensed that his wife had gotten pregnant. He confided to the friend that he was not the father as he was impotent.

When the police breached the bedroom door on Tuesday evening, the two had been dead for around 10 hours.

The bodies were taken to Kenyatta University Funeral Home awaiting an autopsy.