On Thursday evening, Kianjokoma residents in Embu County took to the streets protesting the alleged death of two brothers Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura in police custody.

The residents engaged the police in running battles, unfortunately leading to the death of one person; who was shot in the head and succumbed to the injuries.

Even though local leaders and the police tried to restore calm, the situation was getting out of hand, prompting Deputy President William Ruto to intervene.

The DP called one of the locals who put him on speaker as he addressed the protesters. In a video doing rounds on social media, the protesters can be seen gathered together in a calm manner as they listen to the DP address them.

The DP promised to follow up on the allegations that the two brothers were murdered in police custody, adding that no stone will be left unturned.

He vowed to ensure that the truth is unearthed, adding that if anyone was involved in the death of the two brothers, then they’ll have to face the law.

“Nataka niseme pole sana kwa wale watu ambao wamepoteza maisha yao. Kwa niaba yangu na kwa niaba ya serikali pole sana…Hawa waliotekeleza mauaji hayo, hatutangoja na hatulala mpaka wapatikane na wawekwe mahali amabapo wanaweza kujibu ni kwa sababu gani maisha ya wananchi imepotea

Ata kama ni askari wa polisi, lazima watuambie ni kwa njia gani maisha ya wananchi ilipotea mikononi mwao… Kama ni wahalifu, pia tutahakisha wamewekwa mahali wanaweza kujibu na kuchukuliwa hatua…Nataka niwaulize kwa unyenyekevu mutulie, mimi nitahakikisha kuwa hatua ya kisheria imechukuliwa,” he said.

Following the call, there was calm in the area as opposed to before.

Meanwhile, the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) has also begun investigating the death of the two brothers.

According to an autopsy conducted on the two brothers, their bodies had multiple injuries caused by blunt force trauma.