The Ministry of Transport has announced that Public Service Vehicles (PSV) will now be allowed to carry full capacity from Monday 9th August.

Transport Chief Administrative Secretary Chris Obure announced this on Friday afternoon during a press conference held at Transcom House in Nairobi.

This is the second time in less than a week that the Ministry of Transport is relaxing COVID19 safety measures in matatus.

A masked up tout next to a matatu/Photo Courtesy

On Friday, July 30th, Health ministry Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe ordered matatu operators not to allow onboard passengers without face masks.

He raised the alarm over the surging cases of COVID19 in the country saying the directive was meant to curb the spread of the virus in public areas.

Fourteen seater matatus have been carrying 10 passengers since a directive issued by the Ministry of transport on the same in July 2020.

33 seater minibuses were carrying 18 while 51 seater buses while carrying 30 passengers.

Taxis were also affected by the directive as they were expected to carry a maximum of three passengers.

The relaxation of these measures should see a corresponding drop in transport costs.

Public Service Vehicles had raised fares in order to cushion themselves from loss after the government ordered a reduction in their passenger capacity.