Former Commissioner of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Dr Roselyne Akombe has opposed BBI proposals on the composition of the electoral body.

Akombe, in a series of posts on her social media, said the suggestions in the BBI could easily plunge the country into a situation similar to the 2007 post-election violence.

She rubbished the idea of having 4 IEBC Commissioners nominated by political parties saying elections have to be managed by persons of high integrity if Kenya has to realise free and fair elections.

"BBI suggests 4 Commissioners nominated by political parties, while 3 are "independently" selected. This is a farce and utter rubbish. It is these nusu-mkate approaches that have gotten us to where we are today. Half-measured political compromises on fundamental issues.

"Having a professionally run Commission requires the selection of persons with integrity who are not reminded at every turn that they owe their positions to their political patrons," stated Dr. Akombe.

She went further to claim that a number of her former colleagues at IEBC had not held any public office previously and seemed not to have any commitment to protecting their integrity.

     The Influence by deep-state in elections 

In her view, having an IEBC devoid of influence from the state machinery as the country heads into the 2022 polls should be the main focus of any reform agenda.

"More important is ending the control of the IEBC by the Deep State. It these plutocrats who really undermine the quest for electoral justice.

"This is the hard work we need to do in the next few months. Otherwise, it will be a repeat of 2007/8 in 2022," concluded Dr. Akombe.