The Government on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, unveiled a new procedure for Kenyans to check the status of their Huduma Card. 

The Ministry of Interior and Coordination shared a link via Twitter where one is supposed to insert their ID Number and you will be updated whether the card is ready for collection or not.  

"If you registered for Huduma Namba, you can check and track the status of your card on this portal," the message read in part. 

You can insert your ID number on this link to know the status of your card: 

Once you insert your ID card number, a message pops up to indicate the status of the card. 

On 16 May 2021, Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said that more than 2.4 million Huduma Cards were ready and awaiting collection. 

Mr. Oguna mentioned that only 200,000 cards had been collected yet the owners of the ready cards had been informed that their documents were due for collection.

“It has been some time since people registered for the Huduma Namba and definitely some have been transferred or moved locations, that is why the first message is enquiring where the applicants would like to collect their cards,” he stated. 

According to the Government, over 36 million Kenyans registered for the Huduma Namba .