Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has said that the Governorship was just a title to him.

Speaking on Wednesday, Sonko said he defeated billionaires to become the city county governor, and is very proud of where he has reached in life despite coming from a family that was not known.

Governorship was just a title to me. I beat billionaires to clinch it through the help of God and the people. So I'm very proud of where I have reached in life. Imagine coming from nowhere to become MP 3 yrs, then Senator 5 yrs and Governor 3 yrs not forgetting the awards I won locally and even internationally. These are very big achievements to my family and the people who have been supporting me throughout my political life,” he said.

Sonko insisted that he was not removed from office by the people, who elected him, but life has to continue and that is why he continues to interact and help the people as much as he can.

It is important to note that I was not removed from office by the people who elected me, and that's why you see me still mingling with them freely by at times blogging, attending parties like babyshowers, birthday parties, weddings etc, helping the less fortunate in the little way I can because life has to go on and I have to live to fight another day. I will always continue standing by the truth in defending public interest,” said the former Governor.

[Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko]

His words came as he responded to a headline by a local daily about his life and rise to become who he is.

Sonko blamed it on senior Nairobi County officials, claiming that they are now fighting back after he exposed their plot to grab a city piece of land.

He added that he enjoys the free publicity because he also thought that people had forgotten about him.

I thought people had forgotten me but thanks to @TheStarKenya for the free publicity at least for people to know that I'm still around.

This is just a few days after I blew the whistle on the grabbing of the Ngong Road property where the Busy Bee Car wash and some stalls were illegally constructed on Paul Curson's plot by a group of known land grabbers led by a cartel of the so called untouchable leaders in Nairobi who're the main sponsors of this cheap propaganda working in cahoots with a senior journalist who recently joined The Sta from The Standard Group and a CEC for lands Nairobi County who is also a former journalist/editor with The Star but I wish to tell them this: I really like and enjoy the story coz I have nothing to lose. We had no leadership background in our family, my father wasn't even a village elder, and my mother wasn't even an MCA or Women Rep,” said Sonko.