During his speech on Monday at Bomas, DP William Ruto said he is opposed to the creation of a judiciary ombudsman post, the appointment of IEBC commissioners by parties, and police council chaired by the Interior Cabinet Secretary.

The crowd was not receptive to questions he asked and at some point, he was booed and they began chanting "Respect the President". 

Dr Ruto expressed his disagreement on various issues on the BBI report and also addressed his decision to give the youth wheelbarrows.

"The police must act independently of any politicians. To recommend that we will have a police council chaired by a CS is actually a derogation from the independence of the police. We must be careful of where we are going," Dr. Ruto said.

"On the matter of the judiciary allow me to say that there is a huge space to have an improvement on the proposal that has been made... Having an ombudsman appointed by the Executive into the Judiciary is a derogation from the independence of the institution," he continued.

His sentiments were not received well by the crowd who were openly hostile to the DP.