Jubilee secretary-general Raphael Tuju wants the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to fire a judge presiding over a case involving his company and regional lender East African Development Bank (EADB).

Tuju accused High Court judge Mary Kasango of siding with EADB in her handling of the dispute over a Ksh1.6 billion debt.

“Throughout the proceedings in this matter, the judge has exhibited favouritism towards EADB and bias against Dari Ltd and its directors," Mr Tuju stated in court documents.

"This is evidence from the judge’s failure to act judiciously in matters that prejudice Dari Ltd and its directors," he continued.

Through his lawyers Paul Muite and Paul Nyamodi, Tuju urged Justice Kasango to recuse herself from hearing contempt proceedings brought against their client, citing the petition seeking her removal.

In the petition, Tuju argued that the hurried manner in which judge Kasango proceeded to hear an application seeking to find Mr Tuju and his children in contempt of court is indicative of bias against Dari and its directors.

"The judge seems to have somehow acquired a personal stake in the matter and determined to ensure that we do not have our day in court," part of the petition read.