Kiambu Woman Rep Gathoni Wamuchomba was on Monday, September 6, 2021, scheduled for a live debate alongside Sports Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Zack Kinuthia on TV 47, but she snubbed the show.

Explaining her decision to miss the debate, Wamuchomba argued that she did not see the need of debating a government appointee on political matters in the country.

According to Wamuchomba, Kinuthia should first resign from the Public Service before she can engage him on matters politics.

“Dear My fans, I will Not attend the TV 47 show tonight as planned. I will not engage in a political debate with an appointed CAS - Zack Kinuthia. He should first resign from Public service,” she said.

The move elicited massive reactions online, with a section of netizens questioning whether it was a planned protest by Hustler Nation, considering that Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwah also failed to show up for an interview at KTN TV.

According to a poster shared by KTN, Ichungwah was supposed to debate alongside MP Jeremiah Kiano and Prof Peter Kagwanja, but he did not avail himself for the debate.

Explaining Ichungwah’s absence, blogger Dennis Itumbi claimed that KTN Journalist Ken Mijungu owes Hustler Nation an apology, adding that its members will only show up for his shows after he’s apologized to the group.

Itumbi further claimed that KTN made the poster and included Ichungwah without him confirming his availability.

“Lakini @KenMijungu hii ni ujinga! We told you in very clear terms, that you owe #HustlerNation an apology, till then, we are keeping off your shows with Kagwanja. Nyinyi muendelee na Monologue. @KTNNewsKE Iko sawa - The issue is you & your bias! @KIMANIICHUNGWAH did not confirm!” he tweeted.