Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi has announced that he will file petition at the courts challenging the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).

In a tweet on Wednesday night, Havi noted that his decision was influenced by cries of Kenyan parents who’ve been complaining of CBC being expensive and demanding.

"I have heard your cries parents, guardians and teachers. The petition challenging CBC will be filed in Court next week. The education system in Kenya should not be an expensive, inefficient and ineffective experiment with our children and their future as is our leadership,” Havi tweeted.

His tweet comes at a time when CBC is a huge subject of debate across the country, with some parents complaining over the new curriculum.

According to some parents, the new curriculum is expensive as pupils are asked to buy a lot of books and other learning material.

In addition, some parents complained that they are not given enough notice by schools when it comes to purchase of additional material. Some argued that their children bombard them with lists of new requirements late in the evening after school, making it difficult for them to get the money and purchase the required material.

Havi announcement elicited mixed reactions with a section of netizens supporting his upcoming petition, while other dismissed it arguing that Kenyans are always resistant to change.

Here are some of the reactions: