The Public Service Commission (PSC) has advertised over 200 new job vacancies across various government agencies and invited interested Kenyans to apply.

In a statement on Tuesday, PSC noted that the vacancies are in the Ministry of Defence, National Treasury and Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice.

Interested persons have been invited to submit their applications on or before 4th October 2021 5:00 PM East African Time.

Below is a list of some of the advertised positions:

• Director Planning at the National Treasury and Planning – 47 vacancies

• Principal Economist at the National Treasury and Planning – 44 vacancies

• State Counsel II at the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice – 30 vacancies

• Medical Specialist at the Ministry of Defence – 18 vacancies

• Registered Nurse III at the Ministry of Defence – 66 vacancies

• Other vacancies at the Ministry of Defence include; Special Therapist (12), Sonographer (12), Radiographer III (12), Registered Clinical Officer III(12), Assistant Occupational Therapist III (12),Pharmaceutical Technologist III (12), Medical Laboratory Technologist III(12), Psychological Counselor II (4), Public Communication Officer II (1) and Assistant Director of Public Communication (1).

All applications for the above mentioned vacancies are to be done online through PSC’s website or its job portal

To apply follow the below steps:

• First register by clicking on register link and provide the relevant details.

• Go to the log in page and log in using your User Name, ID Number and Password as provided.

• Click on the Apply Link and fill the prescribed PSC Application form.

• Fill all the Information and click on ‘Submit’ button to submit your application.

After submitting, you can follow up and check on the status of your application and the job applied for on PSC’s website.