Narc-Kenya party leader Martha Karua has stated that she has not benefited from a president coming from the Mount Kenya region. 

Speaking during an interview on Citizen TV on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, Karua said that she just like other regions, was representing the interests of her region. 

"I am from Mt Kenya region and I have not benefitted because a president came from my region. President Mwai Kibaki appointed me to his Cabinet because I was a party member who had worked hard just like people from other regions were appointed and we worked for the country, not for personal benefit. I can not be told by anyone I should not fight for my own personal interests and those of the region," Karua affirmed. 

The Narc-Kenya party leader spoke on a wide variety of issues including her quest to become the next Kiriyanga Governor. 

"I can work with anyone, even people I do not like, in a public office," she said. 

File image of Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua. [Photo: Courtesy]

On the cancer of corruption that has bedevilled the country, Karua noted that it's only through good governance and adherence to the rule of law that the menace can be tamed. 

"The elephant in the room is corruption. Without good governance and respect for the rule of law, we cannot fix this economy…Let us fix the leadership in the country," the Narc Kenya party leader affirmed. 

She questioned why corruption scandals never get settled in courts adding that the day the law applies equally to the mighty and the poor, is the day we fix the problem of corruption that ails Kenya. 

Commenting on the recent announcement by Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit to bar politicians from speaking at the pulpit, Karua said she supported the decision. 

"Politicians have used, abused, and misused the pulpit. The church is entitled to rethink their stand of allowing politics in the church. I support that churches must take control of their sanctuaries," she noted.