CNN International correspondent Larry Madowo has excited netizens after sharing a video of himself speaking Swahili with a CNN guest.

In a tweet on Thursday, Larry shared the video where he had a casual conversation with Tanzanian filmmaker Amil Shivji, before they went live on air for the prime time bulleting.

Shivji was set to be interviewed by CNN following the premiere of his film dubbed Vuta N’kvute at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

In the video, Larry congratulates Shivji for the achievement, adding that the premiere of his movie at TIFF is a huge milestone that needed to be recognized and appreciated.

"Amil, habari gani, sina neno, hongera sana kwa kazi nzuri. Nilifurahia sana nilipoona habari nikasema ni lazima tukuhoji. Jambo kubwa zaidi ni ile umefanya, kufika Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) si jambo ndogo,” Larry said in part.

The video has elicited mixed reactions with a section of netizens hailing Madowo for promoting Swahili language, while other made fun of him.

Meanwhile, Larry Madowo continues making boss moves in the global media space hitting one milestone after the other.

Prior to joining CNN, he worked with the BBC as its North American Correspondent and played a vital role in covering the 2020 US election where former Vice President Joe Biden emerged victorious.

Here are some reactions to Larry's video: