Two brothers were on Thursday arrested after they mercilessly beat their elder sibling and left him nursing serious injuries that unfortunately led to his death.

According to the DCI, the elder brother returned home at around 8pm very drunk and demanded for food from their mother.

Responding to the demand, the mother noted that the food was not ready. Frustrated by the answer, the drunk son reportedly descended on her, forcing her to cry out for help.

“Her two other sons Pascaliano Odhiambo, 29 and Bonventure Ouma, 19, immediately responded to their mother’s screams only to find Juma assaulting her. They gave him a dog’s beating before they retired to bed.

“Early today morning at around 6am, the mother woke up and walked towards Juma’s house to check on him, despite having been assaulted by him the previous night. She was, however, shocked to find him lying dead on the doorstep of his house, with a deep cut inflicted on his head, slightly above the left ear,” DCI’s statement read in part.

Police officers at a crime scene [Photo: Courtesy]

Detectives from Bumala police visited the scene and collected evidence which is set to be used against the two brothers once they are presented in court.

“A machete, jembe and a rungu believed to be the murder weapons were found at the scene of the murder, documented and collected by the Busia based crime scene personnel,” DCI added.

The two are currently being held at Bumala police station as they await arraignment in court where they are expected to face murder charges.