Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi on Thursday lost his cool while responding to a tweet by ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale.

While reacting to Havi’s tweet on receiving Deputy President William Ruto at the home of late distinguished lawyer Nzamba Kitonga, Etale appeared to suggest that the former was working with the latter.

“We can’t hide under the sun. We must be bold to state where we stand and step on the rock with all the energy...” Etale tweeted.

Etale’s message did not augur well with Havi who responded terming him “a distinguished diminutive idiot”.

According to Havi, he was the most suitable person to welcome the Deputy President since he is the current LSK President, a position that was also held by the departed lawyer.

“You are a distinguished diminutive idiot. Who else is supposed to welcome the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya at the home of a departed former President of LSK if not the current President?” Havi tweeted.

Meanwhile, LSK has requested the State to consider granting the late Kitonga a State funeral owing to his contribution to Kenya’s Constitutional development.

He is one of the legal minds credited with the formulation of the 2010 Constitution.