There was drama on Monday October 11, 2021 in Bumula, Bungoma County as two men engaged in a night-long fight for a woman’s affection.

Unfortunately, Titus Wamalwa (one of the fighters) died on the spot after his opponent Oliver Wafula struck his chest with a kitchen knife.

According to a statement by the DCI, the two engaged in a fight to determine who would have a lady identified as Njoki; who both were interested in.

Prior to being stabbed, the deceased was reportedly getting the best out of his opponent, thus prompting him pullout a kitchen knife and commit the heinous act.

Suspected criminal in handcuffs. [Photo: Courtesy]

“In the encounter staged at Njoki’s house, the suspect behind the killing suffered powerful punches from the deceased, who is rumoured by to have been an amateur pugilist.

“On the verge of defeat, the suspect suddenly reached for a kitchen knife in the house and drove it deep into his opponent’s chest, killing him on the spot. Confronted by the reality of his actions, the suspect immediately went into hiding,” DCI narrated.

Following the incident, the DCI cordoned off the nearby market and launched a hunt for Wafula who was eventually arrested as he tried leaving town.

“The bloodstained kitchen knife used in the killing was also recovered from the woman’s house and shall be produced in court as a key exhibit against the suspect. What began as a simple argument to win the love and affection of a woman, has left the suspect in serious conflict with the long arm of the law,” DCI said.