President Uhuru Kenyatta has expressed disappointment with a ruling delivered by the International court of Justice (ICJ) over a maritime boarder row between Kenya and Somali.

In the ruling delivered on Tuesday October 12, 2021, ICJ gave Somalia control of most of the disputed space that is potentially oil and gas-rich portion of the Indian Ocean.

The court ruled that there was no pre-existing agreement on the maritime boundary as Kenya claimed in its argument.

It also rejected Somalia’s claim that Kenya had violated international laws.

The court went on to draw a new boarder between in the disputed waters, in a move that seemingly favoured Somalia’s claim of the waters.

Reacting to the ruling, the Head of State said Kenya rejects the ruling and the findings of the court on the issue.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Somalia President Mohamed Farmaajo. |Photo| Courtesy|

“While Kenya is not surprised at the decision, it is profoundly concerned by the import of the decision and its implications for the Horn of Africa region, and international law generally. At the outset, Kenya wishes to indicate that it rejects in totality and does not recognize the findings in the decision,” Uhuru’s statement read in part.

While vowing to defend the oath he took to protect Kenya’s territory, the President called on the international community to create an enabling environment for the pursuit of a negotiated settlement.

The President further noted that going forward, Kenya will seek the help of the AU and its agencies in resolving the matter.

“Nonetheless, Kenya is committed to a diplomatic solution of the current impasse. In this regard, Kenya, as a key proponent of respect for the principle of subsidiarity as a catalyst for African Solutions for African Problems, will resolve this matter through the institutions of the African Union such as the African Union Border Programme and its Peace and Security, architecture, in addition to other bilateral arrangements.,” his statement read in part.

The Head of State assured Kenyans of his commitment to solve this issue amicably, and called for calm as alternative resolution measures are pursued.