Somalia President Mohamed Farmaajo has asked Nairobi to respect the ruling issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) following a maritime border row between the Horn of Africa Nation and Kenya.

In its verdict, the Hague-based court ruled most of the disputed maritime territory in favour of Somalia.

The disputed area is said to be rich in oil and natural gas.

ICJ Judge Joan Donoghue. |Photo| Courtesy|

Following the ICJ ruling, Farmaajo asked Kenya to see the decision of the court as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship of the two countries.

“Since the day I was elected, we have faced political, diplomatic, security and economic pressure by the Kenyan leadership,” he said, arguing that the decision was a fair and transparent determination by the court.

"It was indeed a just struggle that was based on a long vision, a deep knowledge, bravery, patriotism, the protection of public assets, and the defense of the nation and its people. Justice has prevailed. Law and order have prevailed," he added.

Farmaajo expressed gratitude to his predecessor Sheikh Mahamoud for initiating the court process for Somalia to reclaim its territory. 

He accused Nairobi of putting pressure on Mogadishu to surrender the disputed oil and gas rich maritime territory.

"The Kenyan leadership started to directly intervene in our country’s political process by mobilizing political groups in Kenya in order to create an atmosphere of chaos and political instability in Somalia that would ultimately lead to the withdrawal of the case from the Court," Farmaajo stated.

He accused Kenya of violating Somalia's sovereignty through constant military pressure. He added that Nairobi promised to ensure better relations between Somalia and Jubaland if Mogadishu would withdraw the case from ICJ.

Farmaajo claimed that Kenya has used its place in the United Nations Security Council and in international standings to paint Somalia in bad light to its neighbours and the international community.

Just like President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed to protect Kenya's territorial boundaries, the Somalia Head of State also made a similar pledge to his people.

"Our moral standards will never allow us to choose political or economic benefits or even short-term positions of power over the inheritance of our future generations," he stated.

"We hope that Kenya will treat the Court’s decision as an opportunity to strengthen relations between the two countries and enhance cooperation between the two peoples," he added.