For Stivo Simple Boy, becoming a household name had never crossed his mind even in his wildest dreams.

The man who made headlines some years back with his "Mihadarati" song is now back at it again and has been featured in an advert that has left netizens talking.

The advert was done by betting firm Odibets as they relaunch their Cash Out feature has sent social media into a frenzy with some praising Stivo Simple Boy for bouncing back despite the trolls he received when he joined the entertainment industry.

The video starts with Stivo Simple Boy inside a Matatu with the conductor collecting fare from other passengers. 

While the conductor is engaged in a conversation with other passengers, Stivo simple boy is seen gazing at his phone as he follows a football match with 'cash out' feature displayed. 

He suddenly says, 'kateam kanamalizwa, shukisha before he alights from the matatu.' 

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Here are reactions to the video: 

'You know a great ad when you see one, Kudos Stivo Simple Boy!' wrote @Pavin Were.

“eti kateam kanamalizwa...shukisha”Dennis Musyoka.

A few years back, the Kibera-based musician opened up on the stress of people comparing his face with that of a monkey.

Not new to the trending game, betting firm Odibets early this year featured online senation 'Ugali man' on one of their adverts leaving Kenyans with stitches as some had already identified themselves with the gym instructors ugali eating antics.

The betting firm later on went on to award 'Ugali man' whose real names are Charles Odongo with a car and a fully equipped gym.