Deputy President William Ruto on Friday toured Mathioya, Nyeri County where he held a fundraising for a Women's Sacco.

As usual, Ruto was accompanied by a host of Mt Kenya MPs and a number of MCAs that have been planning for the visit.

In what appears to be a change of tact by the DP as he seeks to succeed his boss in 2022, Ruto seemed to be keen on fulfilling the president's agenda as Uhuru exits the scene.

He told a gathering at Kiareni that it will be a miss for the people of Nyeri to pick a 'stranger' and assign him the president's development agenda when he retires.

Unlike the norm, a soft-spoken Ruto appealed to the resident to allow him to continue with what he had started with President Kenyatta, citing his pet projects; rural electrification and investment in TVETs.

"You are the people who employed me. I am your servant. Is it a mistake for me to come and report to you as my employers? Don't you want the report? I have only come here to give you a report. Those who have not been employed by the citizen can leave me alone," stated DP Ruto.

Ruto went on; "If you look at all these people and the work we have done with President Uhuru Kenyatta, we have done roads, SGR, TVETs and connected electricity..who is better placed to continue with this work? Will you go pick someone from nursery school?"

He took a swipe at ODM leader Raila Odinga for taking a rigid stand on the BBI proposals saying there must be a consideration for the poor and the 'hustlers.'

In the Deputy President's view, failure to allow consensus on the BBI will lead to contestation and a costly referendum.

He claimed that leaders pushing for a contested referendum were after creating an avenue for looting public funds out of the costly process.