Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi has termed the move by Chief Justice David Maraga to dissolve parliament as disastrous for Kenya.

In an address to the press at the Musalia Mudavadi Center on Tuesday afternoon, the ANC leader said dissolution of Parliament is not an end in itself and leaves the country's progress in utter jeopardy.

"Justified as he may be legally, the CJ’s drastic action was extreme and portends disaster for a country ravaged by and struggling to contain coronavirus, whose economy is in tatters and without viable institutions to manage the aftermath of his action," stated Mudavadi.

Mudavadi faulted the three arms of government for failing to consult leading the state into the CJ's move to paralyze the institution of parliament.

"Parliament is in default having failed to implement the two-thirds gender rule and given timelines have lapsed," stated the ANC leader.

He observed that the nation had no guarantee that the next government will fail to implement the same laws and warned that the implications of dissolution of parliament were dire.

"Even in the current budget, the CS Treasury has not even made any provision for even a referendum because there is no money," stated Mudadi, further devuldging that the country will lack a key body that guides state expenditure.

He has advised the head of state to prudently and widely consult on the matter so as to avoid crushing the country.

"Parliament is capable and it should take advantage of this moment to implement the requirements of the constitution.  The insinuation that parliament should amend the law to delete the clauses is in bad taste," concluded Mudavadi.