The UK High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott has assured Kenyans that they're cooperating with the investigations into the murder of Agnes Wanjiru.

Agnes Wanjiru 21, was killed and dumped into a septic tank on March 31, 2012.

It has now emerged in a report by The Sunday Times that the identity of the British soldier, who allegedly had sex with the late Wanjiru before killing and dumping her body in a septic tank is widely known in the army yet no action has been taken. 

Responding to the report by The Sunday Times, Marriott said, "I share the concern about the tragic death of Agnes Wanjiru in 2012 - my thoughts are with her family and the community. I can assure Kenyans that the UK is fully cooperating with the investigation and will help in any way we can. 

"In 2012, the UK’s Special Investigation Branch carried out initial enquiries in Kenya, including providing information about British personnel to Kenyan police. No further requests were received at that time." 

She adds, "Following the conclusion of a Kenyan inquest in 2019, we understand that the Kenyan authorities are looking into the murder. We will support that Kenyan police investigation. 

"The conduct of the UK military here is incredibly important to us. They do a lot of good in Nanyuki, for the economy and the community. But where there are issues, we have and will address them. @BATUKOfficial Senior military visitors from the UK come to Kenya regularly - including in the coming weeks - and will be discussing Ms Wanjiru’s murder and UK support to the Kenyan investigation."

In the investigations by The Sunday Times, five soldiers from the unit gave the same name belonging to soldier X. 

The soldiers who took part in the drunken night with local prostitutes said they were shown Wanjiru’s’ body that evening.

"He took me to the tank and lifted it up, and I looked in and I just remember seeing her in there. My heart sank. My mind just went blank. The only thing I could say to him was: 'I'll never forgive you for this," The Sunday Times reports.