Narok Senator Ledama Olekina has hailed President Uhuru Kenyatta for being a patient and gentle leader.

In a tweet on Saturday night, Ledama noted that the president has remained gentle despite attacks leveled towards him by different politicians in the country.

According to Senator Ledama, if the President and his deputy were to change roles today, the situation would have been different. He claimed that if Ruto was President and Uhuru his deputy, then the latter would be facing exile, detention or death.

“Mr President Uhuru you are such a gentleman if roles were to be reversed today, detention, exile or death would be common place and a “DP Kenyatta” would have to pick one of the three!” he tweeted.

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina. [Photo: Courtesy]

Senator Ledama’s statement comes amid an explosive interview by former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo, where he accused the DP of being power hungry.

Speaking to Nation, Jirongo claimed that if DP Ruto wins the presidency in 2022, he can push for amendment of the Constitution to remove term limits.

“I know Ruto inside out. He's power-hungry, he may plot to remove term limits. You can laugh at neighbouring countries that people are being battered but it can happen here,” Jirongo told Nation.

This is not the first time Jirongo is attacking the DP, a couple of years ago, he accused Ruto of murdering a man.

However, in response, the DP said Jirongo was a bitter man because he (Ruto) had attained great political success as compared to him, yet he worked for him in his early political career.

"Sasa anakasirika na mimi anaona huyu ambaye alikuwa mtu wangu wa mkono alipitia wapi mpaka akawa makamu wa raisi. My friend ni kujipanga," Ruto said during the burial of former Cabinet Minister Soita Shitanda in 2016.