Former National Super Alliance (NASA) Chief Executive Officer Norman Magaya on Monday topped social media trends after detailing his financial struggle following a long battle with illness.

In a series of tweets, Magaya claimed that he was not in the right place financially, adding that he is facing eviction.

He further noted that his efforts to get a job in the country have been futile as employers are allegedly punishing him for his political affiliation.

He, however, noted that despite the challenges, he will not beg.

Here is a section of Magaya’s statement as posted on a series of tweets:

… You profit nothing at all condemning young lives to poverty in pursuit of power! As my kids miss school coz of my medical condition so do you miss out on blessings! God will punish you!!!

You may gain the satisfaction of annihilating me as a single person to poverty but with God, you will never achieve your targets in life. You shall fail!

Important to note that all my job applications in Kenya miserably fail because of my political standpoint! Long may it continue for I have no intention to change my political affiliation soon! But the conditions you visit on me today will haunt you to death!

I share this not to seek any sympathy nor seek support! I am happy to bear my current position because I have earned it. Given another opportunity I would take the same position. Democracy has a price and i'm happy to pay my part

On the verge of eviction and embarrassment, I fear nothing, absolutely nothing! I know this will be a day of joy for my detractors & I will gladly give it to you! From the cold street with my toddler daughters, I shall rise high coz there is God! Damn the consequences

As the true son of my late father and mum, I shall not beg! To hell be the consequences, am ready! Enough of tormenting me, &my innocent kids! I have no duty to please anyone. Worst are the allies who pray to see one's downfall! Enjoy it all! Damn the consequences! Goodbye world!

Netizens React to Magaya’s statement

His statement caused speculation online with netizens urging him to stay strong and provide avenues through which they can support him.

“Hey Norman please don’t lose hope. Glad you are speaking out but don’t ever lose hope. As your friends we can still help where we can and in our small way. Call me back,” Senator Kipchumba Murkomen tweeted.

In a tweet, Silas Jakakimba, an aide to ODM Leader Raila Odinga said that: “I managed to intercept Norman Magaya somewhere within Machakos County. We drove back to Nairobi together & whereas he is generally fine, his doctor has advised for some check-ups. We are at a City Hospital & I've alerted his wife. I urge that we go slow on preferring assumptions.”