Renowned economist and activist David Ndii has hit out at former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his ODM party for allegedly abandoning former National Super Alliance (NASA) CEO Norman Magaya.

In a tweet on Monday night after Magaya posted a cryptic message on Twitter, David Ndii claimed that he has been supporting the latter and questioned what Odinga and his ODM party have been doing to support Magaya who was instrumental in the former Premier's 2013 and 2017 presidential bids.

“@RailaOdinga @EdwinSifuna What is this? What is going on? Have you abandoned Norman? I’ve been chipping on for his meds every month, what are you doing?” he posed.

Reacting to the tweet, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna requested David Ndii to tone down as the matter was sensitive.

“Why would you conclude we have abandoned him? Daktari we are dealing with an extremely delicate situation and you going about it in this way is very shameful indeed. Not everything is an opportunity to score cheap points,” Sifuna tweeted.

Responding to Sifuna, David Ndii claimed that Magaya is suffering because he is the “son of a nobody”.

“Tell me about it! #HandCheque can put Rosemary Odinga on GoK payroll, post she’s not qualified for, to access gov’t medical benefits, but not son of nobody who put his life on the line for Raila & ODM. How many calls would his brother Uhuru have to make to place him? Disgraceful,” he opined.

Magaya's cryptic message

On Monday, Magaya put out a cryptic message highlighting his financial struggle after battling illness for months.

In his message, he claimed he was facing eviction and harassment.

"On the verge of eviction and embarrassment, I fear nothing, absolutely nothing! For I know this will be a day of joy for my detractors and I will gladly give it to you! From the cold street with my toddler daughters, I shall rise high coz there is God !Damn the consequences," he tweeted.