Kisumu Governor Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o was thrown out of the proceedings of a Senate committee for failing to adequately respond to audit queries.

The governor was accused by senators of not being prepared when he appeared before the Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee (CPAIC), to respond to audit questions.

He found himself in trouble after the committee established that some of the queries had not been responded to.

The committee chaired by Migori Senator Ochilo Ayacko said responses were ‘disorderly’ and concluded that the governor, was ill-prepared.

Unsatisfactory Answers

“We do not have the responses to the audit queries raised by the Auditor-General, as such we cannot proceed to listen to you Governor,” Senator Ayacko ruled.

“We will only do so when you have the responses to every query raised in the three financial years,” he added.

In his response, governor Nyong'o defended himself saying the responses he submitted are the same ones he did last year.

“I will be the last person to undermine devolution and oversight. We may not have responded to some queries but it is not that the responses are not there. We will provide them,” the county boss replied.

Prof Nyong'o Dismissed

The committee dismissed the responses and sent the governor and his team away.

Kisumu Senator Fred Outa accused Prof Nyong’o of being mischievous even as he pushed for the county chief to be surcharged for taking the committee’s time for a ride.

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina asked: “If you had two years to file responses with the Auditor General and you have not done it, do you mean you want to go and cook documents?"