Former Livestock and Water Cabinet Minister Kyale Mwendwa has died at the age of 95.

Reports indicate that the former minister died on Tuesday at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi where he was receiving treatment.

According to the family, Mzee Mwendwa was admitted in hospital on Sunday and unfortunately died on Tuesday.

“Our dad has been sickly for some time and his health had been deteriorating perhaps due to old age. We took him to hospital on Monday morning but he never made it back home,” his son Vonza Mwendwa said as quoted by Nation.

Kyale Mwendwa's Career

The late Kyale Mwendwa served as Kenya’s first African Director of Education and played a critical role in the establishment of learning institutions from primary to college level across the country.

The late Mwendwa was first elected to Parliament in the 1985 Kitui West by-election following the death of his brother in a road accident.7

He served in former President Danied Moi’s Cabinet as Minister of Livestock and later Minister of Water.

A part from his illustrious career in the civil service, the late Mwendwa is also remembered for his spirited fight against his sister-in law Nyiva Mwendwa for the Kitui West parliamentary seat.