Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko now wants his two former lawyers, a pastor, and three high court judges to stop harassing his informer Merry Nkatha.

In a statement on his social media handles, Sonko claims Nkatha has been bullied by the group of six, whom he did not mention by names, over the information she gave him regarding the rot in the Kenyan Judiciary.

{Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko. Image: Courtesy}

The Former Nairobi Governor exonerated Nkatha from blame saying he is the one to blame adding that the six and their masters should face him rather than holding Nkatha hostage.

Sonko claims Nkatha is facing hostility after he released a video clip proving that she was not under duress to fix people who were exposed in his video series dubbed 'The Rot in Kenyan Judiciary'.

"I know after the video call clip that I released yesterday around 5 am nyote mumekuwa hostile kwake and you are planning mambo mbaya kwake thinking she's a witness. Please stop blaming her deal with me I'm the one nimeleta hizi shida zote but I had to do it for Kenyans to know how lawyers, some judges ( not all) and cartels can conspire to deny Kenyans justice," Sonko claimed.

He also dismissed claims that Nkatha is a witness in a case before Judicial Service Commission (JSC) where a probe into corruption allegations facing High Court Judge Said Juma Chitembwe, mentioned in Sonko exposé, has been launched.

" ...She's not a witness in any of the cases before JSC, the evidence I have to prove to the world that there's massive corruption in the Judiciary is sufficient," Sonko added.

The Former City Governor has asked the DCI, DPP, the witness protection agency and the JSC to ensure Nkatha is under protection because her life is in danger.

Nkatha recently filed an affidavit at Karen Police Station where she said she was used by Sonko to fix Justice Chitembwe and all those incriminated of wrongdoing in the exposé.

Sonko dismissed the statement by sharing a clip of a video call where Nkatha was willingly servicing him with information that helped in the formation of his exposé.