Fresh details have emerged indicating that the men who allegedly abducted Ethiopian businessman Samson Tekklemichael used a vehicle with fake number plates.

Last week on Friday, a video emerged online showing Tekklemichael being bundled out of his car and forced into a White Subaru that had blocked his vehicle.

The white Subaru’s plates read KCD 445K. However, according to information on the NTSA database where vehicles owners and plates are stored, the plate belongs to a lorry and not a Subaru.

The new discovery further complicates the issue as it is still not clear who abducted the Ethiopian businessman.

Some netizens believe that security agencies are behind the abduction since they are the ones associated with such subarus, but by press time, the agencies were yet to release a statement confirming or denying the claims.

Collage photo of Ethiopian businessman Samson Tekklemichael being drugged out of his car. [Photo: Courtesy]

Meanwhile, the businessman’s wife Milen Mezgebo has decried the alleged abduction, noting that if his husband did anything wrong he should have been taken to a court of law.

“If there is a problem, there is a law that should be followed. You take that person to court, and if they are not happy with the person, they should deport him, not abduct him," Mezgebo was quoted by Nation.

Tekklemichael’s alleged abduction comes at a time when cases of people being kidnapped in the city have been on the rise.

A few weeks ago, a prominent city lawyer and relatives of ex-Westlands MP Fred Gumo were abducted but later released. Persons behind the abductions are yet to be apprehended.