CCTV footage obtained from Equity bank Angawa branch in Kisumu County has revealed what transpired early this week when the facility was raided by suspected robbers.

According to Nyanza Police Commander, Karanja Muiruri, a review of the CCTV footage showed that the incident was masterminded by one person; who they currently searching for.

Muiruri noted that in the footage, the man is seen entering the bank after which he heads straight to the second floor and approaches one of the tellers.

After approaching the teller, he displayed a notice and later ordered the teller to empty Ksh100,000 bundles into his bag, but the cashier did not comply, instead choosing to sound the alarm.

The alarm caused anxiety in the banking hall and alerted officers who were nearby that something was wrong at the banking hall.

Police and fire fighters responding to the alarm raised at Equity Bank, Kisumu. [Photo: Courtesy]

It is at this point that the suspect hurled a teargas in the banking hall and caused confusion that reportedly gave him a window to escape from the bank.

Police believe that the suspect changed his clothes before leaving the bank, as a shirt suspected to be his was found left behind. The shirt is being used as an exhibit and part of the investigations.

Meanwhile, Equity Bank released a statement indicating that all its employees at the branch were safe, adding that no money was lost during the incident.

“Dear Member, We had an incident where armed robbers gained access into the banking hall of our Kisumu Angawa Branch. Security agents led by local authorities are currently on the scene. All staff are safe and no cash was lost,” Equity Bank said in a statement on Wednesday.